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Our goal is to provide a user-centered,
high-quality, fun game.

사용자 중심의 완성도 높은 재미있는 게임을
제공하는 것이 우리의 목표 입니다.  

Vahns Quest : Idle RPG

In July 2022, Google and Apple launched global services as two major platforms, and launched the Korean service at the end of September. Vahns Quest has achieved 420,000 global downloads including Korea, and has been providing stable service so far. Based on the basic direction of , based on the familiarity of neglected RPGs, easy and convenient operation simulations and the fun of authentic RPGs can be felt after mid-game, and the goal is to induce a competitive spirit among users.
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Fantasy Sister : Idle RPG

A game of the Idle RPG genre that is being developed using the worldview based on the popular Naver Webtoon IP. After the alpha version has passed the development stage, the beta version is currently under development and is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2023.

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